30 June 2009

Rubel abandons blogging ... almost

One of the (apparent) world experts on social media, Steve Rubel, says he is abandoning blogging because it's not instant enough. "Blogging feels old. Publishing today is all about the flow," says Rubel.

Instead he will focus on what he calls his "lifestream", which incorporates things like Twitter, facebook, etc. In fact, Steve has 15 tools he uses to communicate.

I'm not so sure, Steve. I just posted a Tweet and a Blog within a minute of each other, using the one piece of software, Blogo.

For me, "the flow" needs to slow down a bit. Blogging lets me do that, by making me think a bit more carefully about what I'm thinking.

Sure, Twitter and Friend Feed have their places. But in the end, they're all just tools which serve different purposes and audiences.

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os.c said...

Is Steve Rubel still alive ... Is he the Studio 54 Steve Rubel?

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