26 April 2009

Shaky state of PR in Perth

National firm Rowland closed its Perth office this week, apparently without much warning.
Manager Carla Shearman praised staff in an email sent to clients and colleagues, but didn't elucidate on the reasons for the closure. It's sudden, though, because they only just moved offices.
It highlights the tenuous nature of the profession, particularly in Perth.
I've been conducting a longitudinal study of PR job in Australia (past six months) which shows that there are more PR positions in New Zealand in Perth.
Meantime, Carla's half a dozen staff have to find jobs.

09 April 2009

Knox Grammar heads into the abyss

On 26 February I wrote about the sex scandal enveloping Knox Grammar, saying it would get worse. Well, yesterday it did. A fourth teacher was arrested for alleged sexual molestation.

Yet the school remains mostly silent. Wrong (PR) move. But they don't listen. I rang the school when the second arrest occurred. They weren't interested in my advice.

I believe this situation will get worse. Obviously this will happen when the accused appear in court. But I also believe there may be something more sinister. In time, the special police task force may uncover it.

08 April 2009

Time for Turnbull to give credit

It’s about time Malcolm Turnbull stopped carping from the sidelines.

No matter what the government does, Turnbull opposes it (yes, he is in Opposition).

But the latest plan by the government, to introduce a fibre optic network has merit – if not just for the thousands of jobs it will create.

But big Mal just waded right in to rubbish it.

There are times when some credit might just help Mal's flagging popularity.

06 April 2009

Prime Minister's media man should go

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's press secretary Lachlan Harris should resign, or be sacked, for lying.

Harris, who is actually a "novice" when it comes to public relations (he's more a political operative) denied the Prime Minister had upset an Air Force flight attendant because the meal he ordered wasn't available. Trivial stuff, really, but enough to warrant an official RAAF incident report.

If Harris lied about that, what lengths would he go to when it comes to more sensitive issues?

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