07 July 2008

Police PR. Money well spent?

The Australian newspaper today revelead that police forces (services) are spending about $10 million a year on communication programs.

While there are legitimate media demands made on police, such as obtaining information on crimes, much of this money could be seen to be used for pushing a government’s political agenda.

There’s a fine line between a commissioner being seen to promoting new crime-fighting initiatves and supporting a political agenda.

It’s an area that I will take a little more notice of, particularly in Western Australia, where a State election is looming later this year. Hopefull, the “commish” will stick to operational matters.

05 July 2008

His Grace? Hickey a dis-grace

I don't know if archbishops can be sacked. But surely the Catholic Archbishop of Perth should be, following revelations he lied about complaints made about a Catholic sect.

Hickey initially said he had not received complaints about sexual misconduct in the sect. Today, it transpires he was personally presented a report in 2000 about the sect.

In essence, he lied. An Archbishop lied.

At the end of the day, it was left to a Church spokesperson to handle the flak.

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