31 December 2009

Nothing to do with PR

Cane toads and common sense. One has little to do with PR. Correct, cane toads. Common sense, on the other hand, does.

It's why I'm writing about an edict by the WA Department of Environment and Conservation that cane toads are not allowed to be gassed.

The volunteer group Toad Busters is trying to stop to spread of these insidious pests in WA. They do a great job, but are being hampered by the Department's lack of common sense.

Just because people work for the Dept. of Environment & Conservation doesn't mean they're always right.

Cane toads certainly don't conserve anything. I say do what it takes to get rid of this pest and let Toad Busters get on with the job. At least they're doing something.

I lived in Bundaberg years ago and the cane toad situation there was frightening. Just wait until they get to Perth.

Like I said, this has nothing to do with PR, although I guess the Department might consider the "bad media" they are getting.

15 December 2009

Rudd "smart" on climate change

That Kevin Rudd is a clever fella. He's bagged other nations to make it appear as though he's tough on greenhouse emissions, knowing the others would never reach the targets. This makes Australia appear to be the world policeman on emissions. More importantly, it makes Rudd look like a concerned citizen at home. It's all about the next election, of course. Countries are only concerned about their domestic affairs.

05 December 2009

O'Dwyer interviews puzzling

I just watched two puzzling video interviews at propenmic.org with the legendary Jack O'Dwyer.

In one he talks about how PR deals with public. Correct, Jack. No arguments from me. But in another he talks about how PR people should only deal with journalists, in the same way lawyers only deal with lawyers.

Suddenly, I'm confused (by Jack). What the heck is he saying? Am I reading his comments incorrectly? It's a problem when someone as learned as this makes contradictory statements, particularly when it's on a web site for students.

He goes on to say PR should not be dabbling in social media. Well, I'm not sure Jack's been paying too much attention lately.

While I'd like to follow his approach, and just deal with journalists, it's a bit late to pull up the drawbridge. The "heathens" have already entered.

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