10 November 2007

Cousins saga continues

Whether you like it or not, the Ben Cousins saga continues. Because the West Coast Eagles and Cousins are such a part of the WA media landscape you can not ignore their antics from a PR perspective.

Cousins was supposed to vist Los Angeles for a second round of drug rehab. Instead, he went on a five-day cocaine bender (proven by LA 911 records).

Meantime, back home, the club continues to bury its head in the sand. In a TV interview, coach John Worsfold claims he knew nothing of the problems, which extend to other players. Sure, John. Pull the other one. Worsfold is no fool. He is a pharmacist by profession.

If the WA media knew of the players' indiscretions (and they did, because I worked in it) he sure did - as did the club managemnet, led by current CEO Trevor Nisbett.

However, they continue to deny any responsibility for the club's problems.

This club needs a dramatic cultural shift, yet they persist with the old guard who have only contributed to the problem.

It's not only Cousins that has to get with the "program".

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