19 January 2010

Alcohol link to Australia Day

I enjoy a beer (had two last night) but I can not understand how, on the one hand, the Federal Government is trying to combat alcoholism and its related costs (dollars and social) then on the other hand promotes Australia Day with an alcohol-related campaign (Man Your Eskys).

It might seem cute/clever (more so to advertising people), but do those in charge of these things (the bureaucrats) think about the consequences of their actions? This campaign does nothing to help alter the culture of binge drinking that is Australia.

Having the Government's approval would make the situation laughable, if it wasn't so serious.

I live in Perth. Perhaps next time the PM is over this way he could visit Northbridge or Leederville on a Friday or Saturday night. He may also care to get the Health Minister to provide the latest figures on how much alcohol abuse costs the nation.

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