14 November 2008

Malcolm Turnbull's gone nuts

I read one article on Malcolm Turnbull using Twitter while in Parliament, so I decided to check out the Leader of the Opposition.

I'm not fan of Twitter. However, Mal's presence led me to discover he's spreading himself all over the social media landscape.

Mal's got a presence on: a personal web site, Facebook, YouTube, two blogs (one is on his two dogs - a dog blog?), Flickr and MySpace. And of course, he has e-mail and his parliamentary web presence. I don't think there's much more he could use.

And there's the key word, "use". What exactly is Malcolm using these platforms specifically for? I'm awaiting the conversation to determine the strategy.

Methinks it's a just a matter of the scattergun approach: try to engage as many people as possible. However, I think he may find this won;t work, as all these mediums have different user demographics.

And who's putting it all together? These things take a lot of time, thought and energy. Hardly enough left for walking the dogs. If it is to be successful it will have to have the personal touch, otherwise he'll be "outed".

I wonder if he's on LinkedIn?

From the PR Lab at http://www.prlab.com.au

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