26 August 2010

Cousins documentary send wrong messages

Last night's Ben Cousins documentary seemed to me to be more a celebration about how good an AFL player he was. Everybody had their two bob's worth.

Cousins admits taking drugs from the age of 17. If that was the case, why didn't somone pick it up? I find it hard to believe all those teammates he had (in any club) would not have known he was taking drugs. Many journalists knew about it.

Cousins even still thinks, and says, he had a winning system: that he could take drugs and play well.

I'm also not impressed by his "cocky" attitude, nor his language. He comes across as (still) being a spoilt brat.

In the end, he had access to the best treatments money can buy. Everyone else just has to make do.

So, I'm not interested in the rest of the show.

I heard the WA Police Commissioner says Cousins should dob in his dealers. As nice as that sounds, I think even Cousins isn't that stupid.

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