18 August 2007

Brief bites

Theory: the increasing number of trucks on the road is directly related to our hunger for consumer goods and the shorter shelf life of same.

I thought I'd heard it all, until I foreign minister Alexander Downer (ABC TV news, 17 Aug) said India had a pretty good record when it came to non-proliferation, apart from the fact that it had nuclear weapons.

If the number of welfare recipients is supposedly decreasing under the government's tough new rules; why is the Centrelink agency expanding (Burgeoning bureaucracy triggers boom, SMH, 15 August)?

Just how top secret was John Howard's letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister (Howard warns Iraq: move now or we pull troops out, Weekend Australian, 11-12 August)? Reporter, Greg Sherdian says it was top secret. If it was, has he breached Australia's security by revealing the contents? Or is this just an example of someone in the Liberal Party revealing Howard's early exit strategy so he doesn't get burned even more before the election. Honestly, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is a farce: always has been. Iraq is now lining up with Iran, and the poppy harvest in Afghanistan is a record. So much for positive "intervention".

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